About the Faculty

The Faculty of Business Studies “Montenegro Business School” is the first faculty in Montenegro which provides education to future business people in the field of marketing and business finance.
Our mission is to become established as an influential, research-led, multidisciplinary and professional business faculty which is involved in first-rate research and training recognizable in the region. We allow our students, with different secondary-school background to recognize and achieve their full potential in a dynamic and stimulating environment.

 In fulfilling the mission of the Faculty, our goals are to:

  • become a leading professional interdisciplinary faculty for business studies in Montenegro and the region;
  • constantly improve the study programmes and learning methods based on innovative research and practice;
  • attract high-quality students;
  • provide education to future business leaders who will apply the latest ideas and skills into practice;
  • strengthen the relations with the business community in order to transfer the up-to-date knowledge;
  • engage and develop first-rate lecturers responsible for the reputation of the Faculty.


In order to achieve the purpose of its existence, Montenegro Business School holds the following values:

  • We are committed to research, knowledge appreciation and the achievement of economic and social benefits.
  • We aim to create friendly environment where academic development goes along with personal development of students and the academic staff.
  • Academic integrity and quality and the highest ethical standards are of utmost importance.


The advantage of the Faculty of Business Studies “Montenegro Business School” is reflected in the fact that it trains specialists in the fields of International Marketing, Public Relations, Banking and Insurance, Accounting and Auditing and Small Business. This type of specialized professional education is unique in the Montenegrin higher education system.

All study programmes are based on the provisions of the Bologna Declaration and the norms and standards of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The advantage of this method of studying lies in the fact that these are three-year academic studies during which students are trained for the jobs in the field of marketing or financial management. Unlike applied studies, our academic studies allow the continuation of the process of education until the academic degree of Doctor of Science is achieved.

Finally, if you want to acquire professional knowledge that will help you secure employment and steady income, then choose the right faculty - the Faculty of Business Studies “Montenegro Business School” in Podgorica.

The Faculty of Business Studies ''Montenegro Business School'' – MBS was founded in 2005 as the first faculty in Montenegro for the education of highly qualified specialists in the field of financial and marketing management. The Faculty offers two undergraduate study programmes: Financial Management and Marketing Management. In the third year of undergraduate studies students select one of two fields of study: Banking and Insurance and Accounting and Auditing (within the Financial Management study programme), or one of two fields of study: International Marketing and Public Relations (within the Marketing Management study programme).

The specialist studies were introduced in the 2008/2009 academic year, while the Master's studies were introduced in the next academic year and both follow the undergraduate study programmes. Within the Marketing Management study programme of the  Master's studies, the students can select one of two specialized fields of study: Services Marketing and Business Marketing, whereas within the Financial Management study programme they can select one of three specialized fields of study: Investment Management, Banking Management and Risk Management.

In 2011/2012 the Faculty launched two new study programmes: the International MBA study programme (Master of Business Administration in Management, Finance and Agribusiness) in the English language, and the specialist study programme – Management of Protected Areas (Management of National and Regional Parks and Urban Heritage Management) delivered in the Montenegrin language.

In addition to full-time professors, teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants, the Faculty also engages eminent professors from the country, the region and Western Europe, as well as renowned experts from practice to transfer their specialized knowledge and practical experience. The Faculty follows an open door policy and maintains regular contacts with students in order to help them fulfil their tasks successfully. The Faculty develops cooperation with numerous institutions of higher education, including the Reading University from Great Britain, the Belgrade Banking Academy from Serbia, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Kragujevac.

About 200 students are enrolled in the Faculty annually and there are about 600 students who are currently studying at the undergraduate level, 45 at the specialist and 9 at the Master’s level of study. In order to develop a competitive spirit among students and achieve the highest possible quality level of professional knowledge, the Faculty exempts the best students of the second and third year from paying tuition fees. Moreover, secondary school graduates with Luča A certificate are also exempted from paying tuition fees in the first year of studies, while secondary school graduates with Luča B certificate pay 50 % of the tuition fees.

The Faculty is involved in the MSDNAA programme (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance) and by virtue of this membership students are allowed to use almost all software packages of the Microsoft Company free of charge. In the 2010/2011 academic year, the Faculty implemented the Tempus IV project with a network of faculties from abroad.


Prof. Dragoljub Janković, PhD