Mr Dragoljub Dragan Šarović gave a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Foreign Languages, on the topic "Njegoš, haos i preobražaj društva“. The visiting lecturer is the author of the book of the same title and in today's lecture, he shared his rich experience in business practice with students, as well as the ideas, motives and principles he was guided by and which he discovered while studying the material for his book.

Mr Šarovic connected, in an unusual manner, the ancient philosophy, religion, literature, mathematics, physics, and the Chaos theory. Njegoš's spiritual heritage is for Mr Šarović the source of the principles and guiding ideas for cultural transformation of the society, which creates a free, open, modern, democratic and sustainable society which achieves justice through the struggle against injustice and is free to function on the border of chaos.