Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the web-site of the Faculty of Business Studies "Montenegro Business School" of the "Mediterranean" University.

The Faculty of Business Studies provides efficient education and a high quality teaching process, along with high criteria and standards of study according to the Bologna Declaration. The advantage of studying at the Faculty of Business Studies is reflected in the education of specialized professionals in the fields of finance, banking, insurance, accounting and auditing, marketing, public relations and small business. This type of specialized professional education is unique in the Montenegrin higher education system. We place special focus on compulsory work placement where our students are provided with an opportunity to actively participate and monitor contemporary trends in marketing and finance in the companies we cooperate with. The studies are organized as undergraduate academic studies, postgraduate specialist and Master's studies, doctoral studies and applied Master's studies in English (MBA studies). During the studies, you become active participants in the teaching process, as well as the participants in scientific and research projects of professors and teaching assistants during your postgraduate studies. The knowledge you will acquire from the Faculty of Business Studies opens up numerous employment opportunities and guarantees the prerequisites for becoming a leader in the region. The Faculty maintains an open door policy and has regular contacts with high school students, students and the entire business and academic community. Our goal is to enable you to successfully apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the business practice after you have completed the studies at our Faculty, thus contributing to your own professional development and recognition, as well as the development of your country.

Best regards,
Professor Marija Janković, PhD