In cooperation between the Chinese company CRBC, one of the largest investment companies in Europe and Montenegro and the Faculty of Business Studies, a competition was held among the students of the Mediterranean University on the topic of "Branding". The best-awarded students Nikola Đuranović and Vanja Radulović (brand Huawei) won the first-place monetary prize in the amount of 210 euros . Amela Babačić and Nikola Purić (brand Xiaomu) won the second -place prize in the amount of 150 euros, and the third -place prize in the amount of 150 euros was awarded to Srdjan Vidaković.

Upon completion of the competition, Dean of the Faculty Assistant Professor Marija Janković, PhD presented awards and a certificate of gratitude to the CRBC representative, Mr. Liu Weiu, for outstanding social responsibility.