On Thursday, 21 December, the Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Prof. Dr. Nikola Fabris held a lecture on the topic "The current economic situation in Montenegro".

In his lecture, Mr Fabris presented the key economic indicators of Montenegro for the previous period, as well as the projections and plans for the future period. It was thus presented that the economic activity slowed down in 2016, while a significant acceleration of GDP growth was achieved in 2017 and the Central Bank estimates that the real growth will reach 4%. When the most important growth drivers are concerned, Dr. Fabris predominantly emphasized the service sector, primarily tourism and related activities. As the main challenges for the coming period, the Vice Governor pointed to the public debt growth, increase in competitiveness of the economy, reduction of unemployment rate and continuation of the downward trend of non-performing loans.

The students were given the advice to improve themselves through education, since knowledge is the most important resource they possess.