1. Is the Faculty accredited?

The Faculty of Business Studies is an accredited higher education institution, which has been reaccredited twice since its foundation in the regular procedure by the Ministry of Education of Montenegro. Moreover, University Mediterranean is in the list of universities of the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK).

2. Are the study programmes provided at the Faculty in accordance with the Bologna Declaration?

The studies are fully consistent with the Bologna Declaration, so the undergraduate studies last three years.

3. Is the Faculty part of the Erasmus programme?

The Faculty is part of the Erasmus student mobility programme which allows students to study at another faculty abroad for one or more semesters. Thus, successfully completed courses are recognized if they are consistent with our study programme.

4. Is there a student organization within the Faculty?

The students are organized within the Student Parliament, which represents the rights of students and organizes various extracurricular activities.

5. Does the Faculty provide an electronic learning platform - DLS (Distance Learning System)?

The Faculty has an electronic learning platform – DLS (Distance Learning System) as a supplementary learning tool.

6. Does the Faculty award scholarships to the best students?

The Faculty awards scholarships to the best second and third-year students up to 5% of the total number of students enrolled in the second or third year of study.

7. Is there a work placement as part of the course?

In the second year, students undertake work placements in companies and institutions for a period of 15 days. There is a possibility of other forms of work placement.

8. Is there any kind of testing before enrolment?

No additional testing of general or specific knowledge is envisaged but students may be required to take the English proficiency test after registration.

9. Is there the English Preparatory Programme provided by the University?

The Intensive English Programme at the English Preparatory School of The Faculty of Foreign Languages of  University Mediterranean is provided, if necessary, for the students who need to improve their English language skills to be able to attend the undergraduate study programme in English. The School lasts two semesters (one academic year).

10. What are the admission requirements and is there a GPA requirement?

To be considered for admission, students must have completed secondary school of any type (general or vocational). The GPA is not a decisive factor for admission to the Faculty.

11. Is it possible to continue my education at your Faculty if I studied at another faculty, and are the passed exams recognized in this case?

It is possible to transfer from another faculty and have the exams recognized depending on the similarity i.e., the contents of each individual course by comparing the study load (ECTS). Depending on the total number of ECTS, admission to a particular year of study is granted, according to our programme of study.

12. Which countries recognize the diploma I receive after completion of studies? Is it recognized in Turkey, for example?

Since the University Mediterranean is recognized by YÖK, as well as our programme of study, our undergraduate study diploma is recognized in Turkey as if the student has completed studies in that country. Students from other countries should check the possibility of recognition and validation in their own country with the relevant authorities.

13. Is tuition fee the same for domestic and foreign students?

The tuition fee is not the same for domestic and foreign students. The tuition fee for international students is slightly higher according to the list of tuition costs.

14. Do all documents required for registration have to be translated into English?

All documents required for registration have to be translated into English and the translations certified by a court interpreter.

15. Does the Faculty provide an acceptance letter so as to get a student visa easier?

The Faculty will, according to its enrolment policy, provide acceptance letters for successful applicants on the basis of previously submitted documents, which can be helpful in obtaining a visa.

16. Is on-campus housing available at the Faculty?

There is no on-campus housing available at the Faculty, but the International Relations Office helps in finding accommodation. Students are responsible for providing their own food.

17. Do I need health insurance?

Yes, all international students are required to have health insurance.

18. Is it possible to obtain a tourist visa rather than a residence permit?

Yes, this is possible. Tourist visas can be obtained when entering the county. Its duration is 90 days. However, this is slightly shorter than a full semester, so it will be necessary to leave the country and re-enter in order to get a new one. We strongly recommend obtaining residence permit based on temporary stay in the case when the visa is obliged.

19. What is the climate like?

It is continental, though influenced by the Mediterranean climate, so it is characterized by warm and hot summers and mild and rainy winters. Podgorica is particularly known for its extremely hot summers: temperatures over 40 °C are common in July and August.  

20. Do you organize any welcome activities?

International Relations Office of University “Mediterranean”, Montenegro Business School organizes different events for the incoming students, with the aim of helping them integrate into the student community, e.g. one-day round trips, national nights and other similar events.

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